Grayscale Photo of a Woman SleepingI feel It’s so easy for men and women who haven’t been through this to always have their opinions on women who have abortions.

But what is said to men who walk away from their children?to women who have children and don’t care for them the way they should?or to women who have children and leave as well? This happens every single day and so do abortions so think about that!!!! 

I DO SUPPORT ABORTIONS BUT I DIDNT ALWAYS FEEL THAT WAY! I use to think growing up how horrible it was to take a humans life away so soon, I thought it was selfish and shouldn’t be allowed. But people also have to understand “people don’t always have abortions because they want that” some people get raped, abused, mentally abused, or just even get in relationships that aren’t healthy for a person and abortions is sometimes just the only right thing to do at the time. “But this is only my opinion” I know people will still have their own and disagree. 


I do know there are women and couples trying to have children every day and are struggling understanding why they can’t get pregnant, then they hear stories about women and couples who can and choose to have an abortion and it infuriates them which I can understand in a way…But my opinion is I think its unfair and selfish to bring another human being into this world knowing it would only suffer or not be able to live a life they deserve. “YES I KNOW THERE IS GOING TO BE PEOPLE WHO WILL SAY”… WELL, THEY SHOULDNT BE HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX THEN AND BE MORE CAREFUL! WHich in some cases is “true” and “yes” they could have avoided getting pregnant by being a Bit more responsible and cautious. But we also know SHIT HAPPENS …ITS KINDA LIFE and it’s not fair to judge a person for the choices they make FOR THEIR OWN life.I fully support a woman’s right to choose and I think there needs to be more support for women who do have abortions.

I had an abortion and felt very alone. Though I did think my parents and sisters would have supported my decision, I didn’t want to take that risk.So I kept it a secret on top of all the physical and mental abuse I was going through at the time. I knew it just wasn’t a safe decision having a baby in all of the mixes of where I was at the time. I remember the day I went and having a friend come along but still feeling all alone, and I remember coming home and feeling even more alone! I remember being in pain and crying and bleeding profusely thinking to my self when is the pain ever going to end. The cramps started an hour after and became worse and worse the bleeding just kept coming. The pain was so horrible and I had constant vomiting for hours and hours.I remember all the shaking in pain and tears, But I also remember every time I looked at the person all I could think about was I have to do this for my future. For many years I held so much guilt about it and felt was I wrong for doing this and I felt if I had opened up to people about it I would be looked at as this horrible human being. But I knew I wasn’t alone, I knew there were many women around the world going through the exact same thing and feeling lost the same way I felt. I felt sure of my decision and still do, but I know now that I did suffer emotionally and psychologically and those were the consequences and it took me time to understand.But I’m ok today and able to say that I’m happy with the choice I made and I’m not ashamed, I know that I was really young and my life would be so much different right now. 


Today I can look back at my situation and say I do 100% support abortion and don’t care if someone doesn’t agree with me on that, and that’s the whole point why I started a blog to share my opinions and life experiences to others. I have read online about many other similar stories to mine and it helped me grieve through the years.And I hope if your someone reading my blog and your grieving or confused on thinking about having an abortion I hope that my story could help them in their situation. There are some pretty nasty things on the internet, including false statistics and promises of how you will always regret your abortion, and live your life forever in pain. But I can say my self that I felt brave and strong, almost empowered by the fact that I had done this myself for myself. Not for my ex, not for anyone else. It was my body, my future, my decision. And I hope if your someone going through the same you can feel the same way.

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“yess I want to be a mom” but… I want to give my future child a good life a safe life. I want them to look up to me and feel loved and appreciated and I want them to know they never have to fear there home living. I don’t want to spend my life struggling to provide for a child when at the time I can bearly support my damn self. I don’t want to be a parent and have to explain why their dad isn’t around.And I don’t want to be attached to someone I don’t love or that doesn’t love me. I want my child to feel safe, loved, appreciated, I want my child to feel the exact same way I did growing up because my parents gave that amazing life to me. And I know that someday I will be an amazing mom and all be “One that loves my child unconditionally.”

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Remember you are not alone♥

I would rather have an intellectual conversation.


I think being able to sit down and talk for hours with someone about  anything and everything is more attractive to me then anything . Being able to connect with someone on an intellectual level is a beautiful thing because not everyone you come across you’ll experience that with.  I have been physically attracted to someone and not been able to connect with them intellectually and that to me takes away from me being able to keep that physical attraction.  It’s common for people to brush off a little thing like intellectual compatibility when everything else is so good. I have come across someone I was interested in and there super cute and like a gentleman But the way To be able to connect on an intellectual way is important to me because that is the way you think and discuss ideasIt’s an important part of the relationship to consider. 


I  want to be with someone whose presence inspires Me to expand My knowledge of whatever I feel interested in discovering whether its Art, music,poetry,politics,nature,traveling,You name it.  As a started to think more on this topic I began to think if you find that “common connection” with someone and if you were to create a routine with that and discuss those goals and to accomplish those together imagine how it can improve a relationship. I would want to have that ability to just drift off with someone and daydream together.  I learned that Studies show that intellectual compatibility in a relationship is a huge indicator of long-term success and eventually happiness in marriage.


Getting stuck in small talk is a barrier for a relationship and dating requires more than that because “how are you truly going to get to know someone?” and I have been there i hate when you feel that disconnection from someone and talking with someone causes you have to pause to think of something to bring up or you begin to realize that disconnection. I began to realize that i have to be with someone who can open my mind & inspire me in ways I didn’t know i was capable of. But i also know that you can’t always just have deep conversations sometimes small talk is going to be a common thing but to be able to have an ability to get to an intellectual conversation is important.  I believe not having this connection leads to many issues like Going in different speeds of life,compatibility issues,communication issues,money issues, and “trust issues”which to me is a huge one because when you truly connect with someone on a different level from others you trust that person and if u cant find that intellectual compatibility you can loose trust for someone. 


When I look back at a few previous dating experiences I can say that I didn’t always have great communication and I like many other couples assume im on the same page regarding major relationship issues without ever even talking about them. And communication is key but it only helps if ” your communicating about the things that matter. What might be a small issue to me may be a relationship end to my partner and I had to realize that. without communicating the things i felt or needed to for us to work cant without that…..And i realized I didn’t want to watch my years together go down the drain. But I also have been in relationships and realized i was with someone who couldn’t communicate with me on the level i was trying to communicate and they lacked being able to have an intellectual conversation. That began to cause me to feel less connected and feel I couldn’t be my self and i began to realize I didn’t want to be in it anymore. But i also learned that instead of leaving a person that i could just easily speak up to and try to explain are communication issues and explain to them where i wished it was, It was the best because once i did i was way happier and  i began to see improvement before it was just thrown away.

But what’s common to me is I feel most times when you hang with a person, they talk about their life and their problems which i know im guilty. So if you are someone who only talks about themselves and you want to change your ways…here’s some topics you can start an intellectual conversation about. 

– Goals and dreams: talk to each other about what your hopes and dreams are for the next months or year or maybe even its a goal for Your relationship together.

conspiracy theories: This is a good one because it’s always fun to talk about, because there really is no answer to them.Theres only speculation.There are tons to choose from. For example maybe asking about 9/11 and was it an inside job?

reincarnation: I am a Christian and have my beliefs of “where im going” and where your suppose to go,but if you guys are both open-minded and like to explore there’s many ideas. Or maybe its just fun to talk about which “ERA” of human history would have been fun to live in.

personality types: Maybe you have never learned on extroverts and introverts which I ♥had never researched till recently if you haven’t research it and discuss that with a friend or your partner. Some people are both introvert and extrovert at the same time.those people are called Ambiverts. There are a lot of aspects to personality traits that can be discussed in an intellectual convo.

political affiliations: This is deff a popular topic but both people have to understand to accept disagreeing. It’s a topic you can’t really stay away from… if you have social media then you know people love posting about it.

– God: Not everyone believes in god and this can be a touchy topic or a very interesting one. I know I’ve had conversations as a Christian and discussed with family or friends  my issues regarding the Bible and we haven’t always agreed or came to an understanding but it was deff an interesting topic to discuss.

analyzing deeper meanings to movies: You could pick apart your fav movie and analyze them in An intellectual conversation. I have seen movies and watched them a few times over again and didn’t realize something before the first time and brought it up to people and it caused us to begin a whole conversation.



I BELIEVE there’s so many more but you get the point 🙂

So the next time you are communicating with someone or looking for improvement I hope you will think of my blog. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED AND I APPRECIATE You taking the time out to read much love.








I really wanted to share on my blog about my favorite artist which happens to be a graffiti artist. I learned about banksy when I was a sophomore in high school and fell in love with his work. I hadn’t reallly learned much about graffiti artist but once I learned about his work I began to have a different opinion and appreciate for more graffiti artist. But banksy is a bit different to me then most graffiti artist and his work just really is amazing and stands out to me .He is a very unique artist that surprisingly many people I talk to about him haven’t even heard about his work and so I thought it be interesting to share his work with others.

Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique.

The most common form of street art Banksy uses are stencils. These are often in the form of multi-layered stencils and/or combined with other media sources, such as spray-paint. He also includes anything found in the streets like street signs and other objects to convey his message by crafting beautiful street art installations. His artwork is often satirical and combines dark humor with graffiti and also spread messages across art, philosophy, and politics.

Very little is known about Banksy himself, as he refuses to be interviewed and keeps his identity carefully maintained. A world-renowned mystery man, Banksy has risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s greatest street artists partly by creating an urgency to understand his character. Street art fanatics are consistently satisfied with every piece of art he delivers, though he often leaves them wanting more. This tactic carries one’s curiosity to explore a completely new perspective or idea, leaving his artistic creations to inspire beginning and advanced artists. This inspiration is also known as the “Banksy Effect.”




I thought “street art” meant graffiti tags all over the place – the kind of ugly, bubbly letters you’ll find spray-painted on every bare wall around the city”.but After I read on banksy I started to research more on graffiti art & I came across so many amazing artist.

There are so many people who do not understand what street art is; their head fills with images of vandalised bus stops, tagged alleyways We think of  spray cans on the side of train tracks. But I belive if you see banksy work you start to see there can be an appreciate for some. I realized Street art is interesting, creative and unrestricted. It’s an incredibly diverse and varied art movement, one that is growing in the streets.





I have so many photos banksy created that I fell In love with over the years it’s hard to choose which ones to share because it almost makes me want to post all his work Because he’s just that amazing.

Street art is diverse from every way you look at it. There’s so many types of street art, from paste-ups to murals; stencils to tags… and so, so many more.







Banksy has succeeded in keeping his true identity under wraps since he emerged in the 1990s, but it’s believed his first name is Robin and he grew up in the English city of Bristol.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning about banksy and seeing some of his amazing work and hope it will inspire you to check out more amazing artist and have a different appreciation for street art.




what social media has done to our generation

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Our generation is so focused on portraying a certain imagine now at days on social media. I believe most people want to keep this image of what they are seeing being posted. We have the half-naked “models” Tummy tea selling girls and the guys Instagram fronting like they are just ballin. My opinion is so many people are focused on “what people think” and how people portray how they’re doing in life. But the thing is those people don’t matter and don’t bring anything to your daily life but just a click on a “LIKE”! 


I also truly believe that “Instagram & other social media sites have destroyed relationships because either the MAN OR WOMAN is constantly comparing other relationships to theirs when they have no idea how their relationship is. Because people see what others want them to see but don’t know what’s really going on in that relationship.

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(For Example ): we have the couples who post pictures every week happy, smiling, going out, doing cute things for one another.But people don’t know if those people are truly happy because some people post just for an image or for others to think. 

Then theirs the couples who are Happy and private about their relationships.But because our generation is so focused on viewing others life’s they start to assume others happiness. They could be happier than any other couples we see but because they don’t post each other people think their hiding something or they’re not together anymore or etc. 

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I believe SNAP CHAT & INSTAGRAM has a lot to do with the change in our generation. I feel people see others post and see how they “think ” someone’s living and feel they have to almost Keep up with the most recent trends & celebrity life. When realistically not everyone has celebrity money, and some are daily trying to prove to others that they are doing well in life.

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I can admit to being guilty & comparing my self to celebrity women. We see these women and their bodies are banging & makeup is on perfection. But realistically most of them have surgery done (not all) but a lot of them to look the way they do, they have personal trainers and also have a makeup artist. But I cant compare my self to that because it’s not realistic. And I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who feels the way I do.

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Social media is a good way for people to update others about what they’ve been doing, their opinions, and for people to share whatever they want with others. The problem with this is that it can cause dramatic issues. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are all places where people can constantly compare themselves to others. If someone posts a picture, other people may look at it and begin to stress about why they aren’t as pretty or skinny or funny. This constant comparison of us to others leads to stress about our lives and is proven to lead to depression.

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 Nowadays women love saying the term “men are so thirsty” but women are just as thirsty. Not only do men go on looking for women half naked showing off but women do the exact same. Women go on looking for a certain imagine there into and finding “A BALLER”. Men and women are both guilty of this so we have to stop bashing the men who DM us because there are women in men’s DM’S as well trying to hook up or be taken out.




“No matter if your doing good or bad someone’s always going to have something to say” so what you post really doesn’t matter.”


20 random things you may not know about me!

  •  I’m half Mexican but wasn’t taught Spanish but I love listening to Spanish music 
  • I hate during holidays when people turn their cars into animals with ears and noses and  put them on their cars like reindeer’s  & bunnies 
  • I hate the cold
  • I don’t like cuddling when I’m sleeping
  •  I rarely wear shoes I wear Sandels 99% of the time
  • my favorite  Animal is a sea turtle 
  • I’m allergic to raspberries and Brussel sprouts 
  • I hate bananas & mushrooms!!! Ugh 
  • I named my dog after Beyoncés stage name ” Sasha fierce” 
  • I went to 6 different elementary schools lol 😦 maybe why I’m so friendly 
  • I’m horrible at showing love & affection 
  • I have a memory box full of every birthday card and notes given to me from middle school and high school if u gave me one I have it lol
  • When I was a little girl And it was my sisters or family’s birthdays I would cry and say (I want it to be my birthday ) and my mom would make everyone sing to me lol. I low-key still get sad lol
  • I take like 4 showers a day or I feel disgusting  
  • I  fall asleep easier watching animal planet or cartoons 
  • I have an obsession with midgets  
  • I must have pepperoncinis on my sandwiches or they don’t taste bomb lol
  • I only wash my clothes with baby detergent 
  • I love playing video games
  • I hate roses 

Love your self first

♥♥   Make that someone yourself and love you! Do everything that makes you the happiest and live your life to the fullest.

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Stop putting others before “you” !!

When we love another person (whether it’s a partner,family member or friend),you began to think about their desires,needs,interest. But it makes sense:we want to make others we love happy and we want them to feel heard and understood.

What I have learned is we actually teach people how to treat us: When we don’t honor our own needs first, we actually  start teaching others they can run all over us.If you dont always put your self first ”which im extremely bad at ” then im starting to let people pick up on that. It’s important to let people know that you honor yourself,and to let them know if they come in your personal space, and come causing lots of problems or seeking to drain you, you will be forced to cut them off quickly.

Over the course of my life I began to realize certain people i dated began to take my niceness for granted. I always wanted to make sure I was being the best girlfriend possible ,but i was also being so nice and being almost a push over,being to available,being to emotional in arguments ”cause I cared so much” but they didn’t see it that way(nor did they put my feelings first). And I had to step back and realize I needed to start putting “Me first”.We can’t forget about ourselves in this lifetime because we only get one! We have to think about the term “selfish”and that it doesn’t always apply to everyone and every situation. If we Need to start putting ourselves first for once that doesnt make us selfish. If you’re a person who always (does) put yourself first and never others and their feelings then that’s “SELFISH”. But we also have to keep in mind that others don’t always love the same way we might, not everyone thinks about someone else and their needs before someone elses. 

You know, its funny because for a long time I kept always being that friend, or family member, or girlfriend that would just give and give and I had to stop and step back and think do they ever give back half of what I give to them….do they see that I give without even thinking for a second? And I came to terms that so many people didn’t and that I was always putting my self last constantly. And it was weird because I didnt realize it for so long. But after a while you start to feel it..you start to feel like man I wish someone would do this for me or I wish I could do that! AND then im like I actually can I just never do! I really truly want to work on that because this is something I have had people even tell me “your always puting others first” but maybe its just the heart I have which isn’t a bad thing im a kind loving giving person.

Knowing when to put your needs first  and when to do it is a constant and on going process between your self and others. This doesn’t mean demanding what you want every single moment. Nor does it mean working to hard at pleasing others all the time till you make your self sick. Rather actually putting yourself first means considering what could happen if you didn’t give a want or need top priority,You may find that meeting your own needs helps in the end of helping others.


Start doing what makes you happy!!

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To even wonder if we should do what makes us happy might seem a bit silly. But sometimes we forget to when we face life struggles,breakups,bad days at work,ect.

One thing i read and love was : Perhaps the biggest problem of all is that the meaning and value of the things we do changes if we treat them as means to an end.Take good relationships,for instance, a well established indicator of well being.The danger is that psychology can actually taint and devalue our relations with others by making us think of them as routes to bliss rather than valued and loved for their own sake.

Psychology certainly has a lot to teach us about what makes us happy. But as soon as we start thinking about what we should and should not do,the issues become ethical and we need to turn to philosophy-not to tell us what we should do,but to help us work it out for ourselves.


SO the next time your about to put someone before your self….. ASK YOUR SELF  is this hefffa worth it lol jk .No but really next time maybe put your self first this time . 🙂

well i hope you enjoyed my blog and im taking my butt to sleep

peace out, Love NEEN ♥